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Commercial telephony

Our diversity of products allows you to choose the technology that best suits your type of business. Whether it is IP telephony (VoiP) or even a complete telephone system, our experts will be able to guide you towards the telephony solution best suited to your needs.

Switch to IP telephony

Unleash the power of communication and collaborate in real time from anywhere on any device with our IP telephony solutions! Our unified communication systems simplify remote working and improve your company's productivity.

Cloud telephony eliminates the need to provision and maintain on-premises telephony equipment, simplifying IT environments and reducing costs for businesses. For users, it also means a secure way to communicate with their customers and colleagues, froms any compatible device connected to the Internet: computer, landline phone, mobile phone and tablet, which contributes to the flexibility of workI.

Why add the SMS service to your telephonyCorporate IP?

Your customers will be able to easily communicate with you and send you photos, whatever their need. For example, they can open a service call, ask a representative a question or request information about an order by SMS.

Take advantage now of the many possibilities offered by SMS messaging.

Business IP phone lines

Economy and flexibility

Business IP telephony offers you a multitude of options while allowing you to make significant savings on your long distance charges. Connected directly to your high-speed Internet connection, this technology gives you access to most star functions (*) and several advanced functions.

  • You can keep your phone numbers

  • Unlimited local calls within your very large local area

  • Long distance within Canada and the United States Unlimited

  • Most star functions (*) are included (block calls, do not disturb, block caller ID, etc.)

  • The automatic call forwarding function (follow me).



IP telephony andyous advantages

  • Free calls anywhere in North America

  • The majority of star functions at no cost

  • app registrythey ininputs and outputs accessible online

  • Keep your phone number

  • Discover advanced voicemail

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Canada/Us area



Telephone system for SMEs

Economy and flexibility

We offer you a complete solution including the latest IP technologies and features at an unbeatable price. We are also a supplier of VoIP lines and traditional Centrex copper lines for more flexibility. We install your telephone system and provide technical support, all from a single point of service to offer you the best customer experience!


Our telephone systems are all configurable to your specific needs.


Hosting ofDreamer with Management

We offerns server hosting solutions with 24/7 monitoring and intervention

Get more information from our business advisors!

SMEs ofstartup

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SMEs ofbase

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Advanced SME

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  • Call routing

  • Receptionist function

  • Interactive voice server

  • Call forwarding

  • Call recovery

  • Waiting music

  • Recording of calls directly in the system 

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